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Intelligent, user-centric notifications are central to the key features within KYCP. Alerts are received at home screen level and via email (when determined through administrative settings) for a variety of updates on the status of applications.
Document Expiry
Specific jurisdictions and internal operational policies dictate different life spans for the validity of documents ahead of their natural expiry dates.

KYCP allows the manual setting of time-to-expiry spans, and automatically notifies authorised users.
Application Review
Depending on the nature and scope of the industry and internal procedures, vetted applications will require period reviews for ongoing assessment and confirmation.

Administrators can set application lifespans which notify authorised users ahead of expiry.
Scoring Limits
Each programme type can be set to notify authorised staff should a maximum scoring threshold be exceeded. This feature is essential should past approved applications suddenly experience a change in overall assessment, as may be due to changes in policies, overall scoring mechanisms or discovery about select subjects that appear on multiple past applications.
Critical Fields
Entities within each application can be assigned fields labelled as “critical” that will automatically alert authorised users should any value within said fields change.

Should for instance an applicant’s country of domicile be critical to the risk management process, upon a change in the applicant’s field post approval, any application the entity appears under will be flagged in the notifications panel and via email for instant review.
Automated Screening
In the event that risk management screening services integrated with KYCP flag any change in an applicant subject’s status, any current or past applications the entity appears under will recursively be flagged for immediate reassessment by authorised users.

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risk management solutions, compliance solution, kyc verification - KYC Portal Aqubix
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