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Face-to-Face Video Interviews
The recommended best practices for the Know Your Business Process specify face-to-face interviews with subjects being assessed. This, however, may not always be possible due to geographical or time constraints, or the programme process may require a recorded interview for historical and veracity review.
The peace of mind and comfort afforded by remote, yet face-to-face, customer interviews

KYCP offers a game-changing embedded video conferencing solution, with automatic recording.  Simply mail a secure link with a calendarised date and time invite, and wherever the potential customer may be, on any internet-enabled device, a full, in-person interview can be carried out to further augment the validity of the due diligence process.

All video recording and playback is done directly in browser, with no additional software or plugins required. It is delivered using the latest HTML5 technology, utilising the smallest possible digital footprint, enhancing two-way transmission, saving on mobile data charges and file size storage on your KYCP server.

As with all interactions on KYCP, recording and playback of videos are fully included in the end-of-process audit trail.  They are stored using secure encryption and cannot be accessed directly, modified or tampered with.

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risk management solutions, compliance solution, kyc verification - KYC Portal Aqubix
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