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Instant Organigram Generation
Friday, October 21, 2016
KYC Portal allows you to create an organigram on any entity within your application instantly, irrespective of the complexity of the relationship itself.
Companies that conduct CDD and AML compliance processes are often faced with the complexity of building relationship diagrams called organigrams showing the entire relationship across parties. The effort in collating all the information that has to go into such a diagram is quite extensive and requires quite a lot of effort to prepare.
KYC Portal allows you to do just this on any entity across the applications at a click of a button. It builds the entire relationship using a tree view structure allowing users to zoom into the entities and play around with the layout itself. Delving deeper into the entities themselves KYCP allows for the instant viewing of application details at children, siblings and parents. 
The system allows for the definition of the field values that appear together with each entity in the organigram as well as the type of icon for each entity to further the ability of customising the tool itself.
A further feature that KYCP allows within the organigram module is the ability to print the sheet with the person who is certifying the true copy of the relationship model itself.
For further details about this and other features of KYC Portal please contact us on sales@aqubix.com

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risk management solutions, compliance solution, kyc verification - KYC Portal Aqubix
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